FUN Things to Do in London

Things to be vigilant of in London

London has so much from historic churches, world class universities, museum, royals, parks, malls for shopping etc.  Simultaneously it has few things that every visitor must be careful of as like every city it too has some DO’s and Don’ts. This article is just to bring those things into your notice that could trouble you or may land you into soup while touring the city.

• Beware of pickpockets - No matter where you are; every tourist needs to be careful of pickpockets and look after their personal and valuable items. Try to carry minimum cash, plastic money and other important documents and is advisable to carry in zipped cloths or locked handbags.
•  Don’t break the queue - it is strictly advised to wait patiently in the queue of any of the counter to remain in the good books of Londoners.
• Traffic rules -   Be careful while crossing road as traffic rules in London may be different from your country.  Usually we all look towards left first while crossing the road but In London one is supposed to look on right first.
• Bargaining -     There is no scope of bargaining at fixed price showrooms and multiplexes but  you can save pennies at street or local markets by bargaining for the stuffs.
• Transport- one needs to be careful of opting for means f transport while travelling as London is said to have network of public and private transport network extending to almost every place in the core as well as on proximity of the city. Be smart and chose the right conveyance as sometimes you may end up in paying more for distance that could have been travelled in short time at nominal price.

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